wu-wei – knowing when to stop.

I must confess that Alan watts gets to the marrow of life, at least this morning he got into my marrow when i read the following: “Tao was always nameless…Inasmuch as names are given, one should also know where to stop.Knowing where to stop one can become imperishable. This “knowing where to stop” is more […]


Introduction. If the battle lines are drawn by bully boys from the Church of ignorance and plain simple religious zealots; drunk on their own prejudice and delusion that seeing is believing and believing is seeing, then, i hope to illuminate certain details here, and combine some 21st century scientific facts with timeless mythological metaphors and […]

What is poetry

Quote:Now, what is poetry? If you say it is simply a matter of words, i will say: a good poet gets rid of words. If you say it is simply a matter of meaning, i will say: a good poet gets rid of meaning. But, you say if words and meaning are gotten rid of, […]

Flynagains Awake

The following is a remixed fairytale under construction. Enjoy Acrillic Deerunk upon way over maybe aboat thirteen cups for aboat thirteen months of a Kullendar, i guess eye was stumbling cristcrossin the bayouliffeystour outside the steppin stones pub, skippin cyclikal snare circle’s beneath nine babblin brooklynn bbbrownstone marrone-castagnu colored chestnut arches of the Liffeystour viaduct. […]