JO is for Jazz Octave

Acrillic Figa Blue thunder thumbs half notes, Weeping willows look all Wes Montgomery. Art Blakeys drums of experience, Stix glossinging to Animal skinheads. Like a Taoist typesetter Thelonious fingers – Do the talking. Hornet Coletrane Ellington Fitzgerald Pharaoh New jazzera. Annalivia Elvin Jones AfroJazz machine setter Smiling physicist. Unified field theory or just sheets Of […]

P is for Pickapen: write a pickled peppoem in my YOUTH

WINDOWS OF MY YOUTH by Steve ‘Fly Agaric 23’ Pratt. 2005. California. USA/ Eye see youth’ glass of tyme, slowly meltinginto new forms Glass being transparent, like mytongue thats apparent, how not to be impressed, upon this window –my nose smushed up against the payne. I see children playing, lungs full of fresh airsky blue […]

Acrillic Figa

Acrillic Figa [starts rolling the next joint]….a lot of timespace has passed since i last posted. Reading Alan Watts has been difficult and testing. Although in some sense he holds the Kryptonite, the antitdote to our “media monster word virus run wild in the western lands” )+()_()+( [takes a swig of red nectar beer, pulls […]