GUCT is for Grand Uniflyed Conspiracy Theory.

Its coming together, i’ve got em’ them-my thoughts They have conspired together long enough to make Break through into megagrand unified theory that is Grand Unified Conspiracy. Plot hatched by my mynd To find co-operation and con-nectivity, in all things In my my’d. But conspiracy and physics and science? A unified science of conspiracy theory? […]

ML is for Maybe Logic: The final secret of the Illuminati.

“maybelogic” the movie! ROBERT ANTON WILSON Maybe LogicThe final secret of the Illuminati revealed. Finally. Directed by Lance BauscherComing May 2006 from Disinformation Home Entertainment “I have learned more from Robert Anton Wilson than I have from any other source.”– George Carlin Winner Best Documentary Audience Award – San Francisco Independent Film Festival Robert Anton […]

Kurt Vonnegut, Robert Anton Wilson, James Brown, Alice Coltrane mixed

My favorite music and writingSo honor em’ how? damn words to start off with?Build statues and make plaques?Plant trees, label meteorites, cratersAnd scientific principles after em’?A great big love up, a big up to em’ Cheers!Omnipotent Everyware and Nowhere: Great thoughts dispersing likeCotton seeds… Representatives and word sound power Way Post Modern like Past Post […]

The beat the beats the beat

After Hangin’ up me mouse last night, i dreamt Amen, Amen brother. I can sure dig that beat. One for the Winston’s. Amen and drum nd’ bass culture wave rebellion spirit of uprising Dansin’ blayzing chronic times Sweaty times and Spaces Thunder Bass ([{whu wowu’ womb]}) And to the Funky Drummer: Clyde Amen brother, and […]

Springtime, gotta’ turn this off.

A day in April 2007Spring morning at place of group learningOne man incarnating evil on campuslOne day in April 2007 Weeping, screaming kids broadcast into my headHot bullets fired bring flowers into bloom,Springtime, gotta’ turn this off. We have his identity, the killer,We have him now,We have his remains and inner illness on displaySpringtime, gotta […]

Get Hooked pt.3 Fly Acrillic

Somebody’s going into businessCompetition Commission inquiry Trade Union busting, Worldwide Slave wage? Tescopoly Commis-Sion impossible? How can you Fully gauge their global IMPACTWinter blackout electric droughtAnd climate change, country allSkint’d by the illegal War. Got Any lamp oil, Jobs? MONOPOLY Everywhere. On water on air. Ghosts of Thatcher’s Britain. GET HOOKED on Kapitalismus. Here Comes […]