WP is for WORLD PISS: 30 Seals. Paragraph Index.

1. Fli-Tunes 2. Puns n’ dope 3. A symphony of Galactic randyrants 4. My poem translates from Delphine 5. Burnt tales hot in my GUCT 6. Fable spun and fumbled on a Churnteabell 7. Why swim against the Rivers flow 8. Relax, easy glide past micro dot bubbles 9. River banks lead to an ocean […]

S is for Superstring: 359 Superstrung Woids

Superstrung Queezy Theory or what happens when YU Eat MeLike a clammy mold YU unfold local order parameter minyfoldDancing atop Oak table unstable then stable wearing BlindfoldTopological defect in the Soul of my Flip-flop sent me spinningLine dancing Vortex Seas kicking up ocean spray closed loopyCircuit Arms Out and Spuntaneous Asymmetrick body PoppingSpontaneous symmetrybreak dancing […]

Stourbridge 2.0 (A letter to the Stourbridge News)

I was very sad reading my local rag last week. So sad that i started to write a letter to the paper and the people of Stourbridge, a letter to reach out and communicate. Peace comes of Communication said Ezra Pound. And here comes everybodyPeace AcrilliQ We will see if it gets published at all, […]

Freestyle Raps Sun 6th May 2007. Eat me.

Welcome to my blog, a break in between the supermarket shopping news,My views, my writs, raps and thunderclaps, unedited excursionsThrough valleys and down various avenuesLike that I believe its healthy to have a hierarchy of valuesA spectrum like a rainbow, a selection, an arrayI think about values each moment each second, each dayWhat’s important and […]