LOTT is for Language of the Tribe:

“Ideograms thus have a kind of double focus, pointing to both the world of human activity and to the unchanging patterns of natural energy and fruition. Because POUND was convinced that signs granted by nature itself are infinitely richer than any conventional notation – “and from nature the sign:” (CII:730) – the ideogram assumed a […]

30 Seals: The spore of the words. Cuts.

Ice Birch* deep blue coral fungus ocean of azure Tahoe. Fade blue in my memory but i am trying to stain deeper Granted green tin flash of emerald, amber, merald gambosa fade, To Sun* burnt toast, lavender fade, sparkle swirl, short circuit Electric blues, now white moire swirly glass, misted frost neopolitan Isje cream, royal […]

B is for Brews: The brew is all

Deathless heroes and resurrected gods float through the book to the tunes of street songs, fourth-form parodies of prayers, bits of scandals out the Sunday papers. Whatever Finnegans Wake may be, it is not a highbrow book. Or rather its highrow elements float on the top like tea-leaves: the brew is all’ – anthony burgess, […]