November Rain and the Vaypz

Has not stopped the thousands of peopleDescending upon Amsterdam to take partIn the HIGH TIMES Cannabis Cup 2007. I was at Cannibis College today studyingThe Vaporizer. You can learn a lot from these things ifYou think about it enough. Tincture’s, infusion’s, mixture’s, elixir’s,Vapors. Vaypz. Good times/ Steven James Pratt

Oliver Lake, Reggie Workman, Andrew Cyrille @ Bimhuis

Halloween 2007. Amsterdam. Bimhuis with Astro Tempunauts:Oliver Lake (sx) Reggie Workman (bs) Andrew Cyrille (ds)American Free-jazz in Europe. Messages from other galaxies and starbursts.Gravitationally bound systems of fate Dragged me to the gig like bossy Angels.I soon lost myself to the music though… Steaming passions, omni-directional forcesMulti layered timbre, time, freedom freedomStar clusters, and various […]