IE is for Interview by Email: They shall come to know Go(o)d

Every yin needs a yang. Every Hodgeneeds a Podge. We should be united.–Illuminatus Trilogy! Page 423! Fly: Could you explain a little bit about your holographic prose? RAW: No. I’m struggling to write a whole book aboutthat right now and can’t imagine how tocondense it. Besides, it’s the hardestpart of my work to translate…I’ll give […]

M is for Merry: Christmas Maybe Merry but Mayday seems merrier.

“Perhaps its just as well that youwon’t be here…to be offended by thesight of our May Day celebrations.”–Lord Summerisle to Sgt. Howiefrom “The Wicker Man” Merry Hill =MERRY HILL INTERNET HOME, built next toRobin Hood RnB club. #1 = Music Club that your author bar-tended, and performed at, situatedIn the Black Country, England. 1995-9. Robert […]