The right mitten of Plush rubbed the honey-wax disk percussively in backward and forward motions, while QUICKLY lifting the stylus-needle out of, and dropping it back into a groove-path somehwere else within the spiral dance. Like a night-scene from a miniature urban construction camp. The manipulation of the disks and the calendrical languages encoded and […]

N is For Nine Tales Remixed into 1111 woids: BEAR HOME MIX: DJ FLY AGARIC 23 by flyagaric23 Universe Contains a Maybe. Go Get your self off the shelf, climb down the tube and un-stitch your mouth, weave, come on out, shout out, together now. Truck Censorship, Up. reach out, teleport to Geneva, teach out the peach box, call me the Queen of […]


An imaginary scenario somewhere between the schudio walls and electromagnetism. AEROSOL TURNTABLE MICROPHONE Yin the buguiness the Nozzle/STYLUS diffused (tone-particles/sound waves) into the – air – that were picked up by floating magnetic tape angels (or two tapes twinned together to form a double helix ribbon, coated in lime which records the tone-particle/sound-wave patterns). The […]


MAGIKAL WEAPONS v.1.0 (as of April 14th 2008, except HEADPHONE replacing DRUM). * DRUMWAND. FIRE. EYE. SOUTH. SIGHT. (Flaming Eye with drumstick/matchstick/microphone). * PHONOGRAPH RECORD. – DISK. EARTH. FINGER. TOUCH. SYMBOL. NORTH. (Hand on record disk. Disk has image of planet earth with bull’s horns coming out of it.) * HEADPHONE CUP(Upturned) – CUP. WATER. […]


Lps. The keys to. Given! A way a lone a last a loved a long the – James Joyce, Finnegans Wake.”“Cleopatra wrote of currency,Versus who scatter old recordsignoring the HSIEN formand jump to the winning side.–Ezra Pound, Canto LXXXV. Towords an MPHDJ method. Prose turntables and mixer of Correspundance. A Knu Tribal Encyklopedial of changes, […]


FLYCONS: HUMAN BODY. DISKS: Retina lens. Skull cap.Cells. Belly-button MICROPHONE WAND: Fingers. Bones. Veins-cables. CUPS HEADPHONES: Sockets. Mouth. Lungs. Skull. Nose Cavity. Boobs. Buttocks. STYLUS SWORD: Teeth. Tongue. Finger. Penis. Eyelash. Hairs. TURNTABLE: Waist JOINT. Neck joints. Eyeballs. Elbow ball and socket.