FBI is for Faith Based Initiative: OBAMA. Fly feedback (II)

Bush’s promotion of ties to religious institutions raised constitutional concerns from the left as well as the right. For the black community, troubling issues run deeper than the possibility of constitutional circumvention. In reality, governmental links to the religious community did not begin with Bush. In fact, Clinton’s welfare reform bill had a faith based […]

OBAMA & HIP HOP? fly feedback. (I)

Hip Hop culture, rap, graffiti, turntablism and breakdancing? African American community and non-African American community HIp Hop? what? Rap vs. Poetry. Graffiti vs. Art. Breakdancing vs. Ballet. Turntablism vs. Automated Radio broadcast. How to define Hip Hop? Who distributes it and how? Old School, Gangster, Conscious, underground, Krunk, Christian vs. Muslim Hip Hop cliche’. Those […]

John Sinclair, Elliott Levin, Jair-Rohm Welles, Carole Denis, DJ Fly. Cafe OTO.

John Sinclair kindly invited me to join him in London at cafe Oto for two dates… http://johnsinclair.us/10for2/ Mon, Jan 19thLondon: Cafe OTO-Martin Luther King Day with John Sinclair, Elliott Levin, Jair-Rohm Wells, Carole Denis, DJ Fly. Tue, Jan 20thLondon: Cafe OTO—Obama Inaugural Party with John Sinclair, Elliott Levin, Jair-Rohm Wells, Carole Denis, DJ Fly. Cafe […]

MO MOWLAM on the War on Some people who use some Drugs.

Thankyou MO MOWLAM: a voice crying in the wilderness. Mo’ introduces some ANTI PROHIBITION wisdom with a paragraph we should pay close attention to for clarity upon the DOPY Terrorism inflicted by our Czarist government upon us every day. To me now, in 2009: INVESTMENTS, BANKING, PROHIBITION & TERRORISM seem connected to the MILITARY and […]