SPS is for Saul Paul Sirag (Interview with fly agaric23)

When I recorded this interiew in 2000 A.D. on minidisc recorder I had no way to transcribe and upload the results, and there was no wikipedia to enhance the wisdom of Saul. Big thanks to Jack Sarfatti, please spend a moment at his new website:http://www.stardrive.org/ FLY interviews Saul Paul Sirag: FLY: Robert Anton Wilson? SAUL: […]

A is for AILM

The following writing is a rough start to a complex project. Please beware of mistakes and blunders. James Joyce’s (Alma Livia Plurabella), and her multi-incarnations within Finnegans Wake – have become guide dogs to the old local mystery of who put bella in the witch-elm. — steve fly “The interdependence of vine and elm was […]


DR. ROBERT ANTON WILSON, produced THOUSANDS of articles for magazines and some-but-not-all of them are floating around in cyberspace – testament to the great neuro-semantic fun house of BOB’s wisdom language. The following is the first of what the conspirablogger wishes will be many more HYPERLINKED INTERPRETATIONS of some of RAW’s essays, already available on […]

C is for Cannabullshit

Canabullshit. Who distributes it, how? where?who benefits? Fairness, openness, tollerance?Good for all humanity?What Science? who’s Scientific research?Business between who? faith-based research? profit?Non profit. Freedom to farm? Freedom to distribute? Competition? Where?natural vs. Sythetic? Medicinal Marijuana and Industrial HEMP? Citizen Cane? H.J Anslinger? why? The 1937 Marijuana tax act? The war on some people who use […]


http://www.flickr.com/apps/slideshow/show.swf?v=71649“flip yourself head over heels, as if swinging over a waist-high horizontal bar in front of you. Now your heart is on the same side as the mirror-person’s heart-but your feet and head are in the wrong places, and your stomach, although at approximately the right height, is upsidedown. So it seems a mirror can […]


Maud Marian the market lady of Misrule,Who went over to the dark side with the evil sheriff Knottingbacon.Deserting Robin for his rival. Super-Grass.Selling out to the big Merry Corporate GangstersAnd the evil Merry Sheriff. Selling INN/ INN FACTO.To live life without security is a life not worth livingWas the motto of these cannibullshitters. Mary Merry […]