C is for CUBE: CHU & Korzybski

| posted on Jun 09 2009 51, birmingham, cube, edding, jibbering art 360, Draw, Installations, News The little promotional stickers that advertised 51 Degrees, the solo show back in April, had a website on the reverse pointing to http://www.schudio.co.uk/51. Visitors to this page would have seen a few different panoramas during the show, but at […]


CUBEDOME NOW YOLK. APOLLODELPHI THEATRE. (JackY Muller, Manfred Humanski and James Shermon are talking about the CUBE). JACK MULLER: A vectorial-edged cube collapses. The cube’s corner flexibility can be frustrated only by triangulation. Each of the four corners of the cube’s six faces could be structurally stabilized with small triangular gussets, of which there would […]