Berlin 22-25thJuly 2009.07.26 ”What we cannot speak about we must pass over in silence” – Ludwig Wittgenstein, Tractatus Logio-Philosopicus. Hot Coach EurolinesTo swerve of Olympic Stadium – swimming,Yoga, Novel video recording, sunshineHemJoymint and fuzz. Diving board – splash,Out and off on U2 train East!To Spittlemarkt and naked lunch. Good cheer, LafftaPlay on (words)Drop jokes not […]

Takes the HIGH out of pot for profit

Cannabis should be freely available in PLANT form, as intended by whatever processes led to Cannabis receptors being hard-wired into the human brain, and, Cannabis Plant’s evolving on planet earth feel good to me. Robert Anton Wilson told me he was afraid that a – squib – would be manufactured by big pharma, claiming to […]

CS is for Cyber-$wine Flu

UK CYBERSWINE FLU EPIDEMIC DELL and the Police are going into business. Lord Carter, CAW CAW CAW Digital Government Business! As Ezra Pound wrote “Who distributes it, how” Information! D.I.G.I.T.A.L – ambiguous like Claude Shannon and NTL. Digital ways to extend the reach and accuracy of killingry, weaponry, and disinformation Warfare. Digital Warfare. Urban. All […]


Generally when people don’t understand things they go for a sinister explanation, a conspiracy, a disaster – and hollywood – it’s producers, screen writers, actors, media spin doctors and pundits seems to be to be at the cutting of sinister explanations, turning superstition into cinematic science; a great skill when used on behalf of humanity, […]