Ezra Pound’s CANTO 66 – Hyperlinked.

Canto LXVI Hyperlinked By Steven James Pratt Throughout the Tale of the Tribe class hosted by the maybelogic Academy and led by Dr. Robert Anton Wilson, the group focused on two major texts: The Cantos of Ezra Pound and “Finnegans Wake” of James Joyce. During the class I would copy/paste images and hyperlinks to highlight […]


This movie was shared over at the maybelogic blog, thanks to Bobby. It sparked a flurry of visions. I thought of BOB. He would have loved this movie, I think. I find the TV scenes and treatment of the multi-media mixture of signals, more generally, mind blowing.–steve fly “”A half-forgotten, half-legendary pioneer in American abstract […]


So called “Rational scale to access the harm of (some) drugs” Dr. John Lilly worked on creating a rational-scale to help good scientific research into drug induced states of consciousness, and other means of attaining altered-states of consciousness. Dr. Timothy Leary also worked his entire life to try to establish a RATIONAL-SCALE to help research […]

KNU Fungus Discovered!

Who knows what we might discover next week? or what we overlooked last week? –Steve fly agaric 23 “Other similar speciesSarah added that the fungus’ true identity had been shielded because there were other similar varieties but with different colour patterns. The secret, she said, finally came out when scientists at Cardiff University isolated the […]