SP is for Steven Pratt: Fly Agaric 23 Knotwerks

BLOGSA handful of posts and early freestyle writings from my time in America formulated my book: World Piss’ The Spore of the Woids. Last year in (2009) this project morphed into SHANNANIGUMS WAVE. Now available at Lulu, and partly at wordspore.blogspot. While living in New Orleans I started a poem called TRANE YOURSELF: a homage […]

MD is for MCLUHAN’S DREAM: A short story

In the process of my study into the tale of the tribe I have began creating fictional episodes that link I fly agaric with some of the corresponding themes and characters. The following is a short dream sequence: Having fun creating some fictional episodes (short tales)That link I fly agaric icons and themes together. MCLEAR’S […]

TALE OF THE TRIBE.ORG (A collaborative TTOTT webwork)

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THE WEIGHING OF THE TTOTT HEART (TTOTT 12) McJoy Brunosa stepped forward one more step towards the giant scales, his genius suspiciously dormant in his silence, yet his thoughts sparkled like lightening bolts behind his eyelids, externally McJoy Brunosa struggled to make out the unbelievable scenery before him. Brunosa’s heart was projected as a 3D […]