Aleister Crowley on James Joyce and the Novel of the Mind Aleister Crowley on the novel of the mind 1923 Extract from ‘The Genius of Mr. James Joyce’, New Pearson’s Magazine, xlix (July 1923), 52-3. In a discussion of a new form of literature, the ‘novel of the mind’, the critic notes that this kind of fiction may ‘depart from artistic creation’. . . . […]

NOH Play

“Consider the Tale of the Tribe as an alternative form of scripture. Which form’s of alternative scripture seem appropriate for the 20th Century? And which for the 21st?” —Robert Anton Wilson. Recorsi. 2005. ‘Noh’ or Accomplishment: a study of the classical stage of Japan By Ernest Francisco Fenollosa, Ezra Pound New approaches to Ezra […]


ARGUABLY The greatest single resource for the study of DR. Robert Anton Wilson’s tale of the tribe. —Steve fly agaric 23. Marshall McLuhan: Renaissance for a wired world By Gary Genosko. The medium and the magician: Orson Welles, the radio years, 1934-1952 By Paul Heyer. The classic Noh theatre of Japan By Ernest Francisco Fenollosa, […]