DJ Plush and his two friends Percy and Max have created a Novel method to write a Novel using Turntables and specially made records. The experiments are conducted in 2012 and result in a tale following a tribe of revolutionary scientists, philosophers and humanitarian poets during 48 hours in 1936 that change the course of human history.

On the evening of the 3st of July, Orson Welles is the prodigal genius that has taken New York by storm with his Voodoo ‘Mcgraff’ theatre production at the ‘Appollodelphi’ theatre featuring an all black cast with African drummers and Voodoo priestesses from Haiti. Present at the show are Buckminster Fuller, Claude Shannon and Alfred Korzybski who shares thoughts on the performance, while discussing information theory and synergetic linguistics.

The same evening, Ezra Pound is directing a performance in Rapallo, Italy, where he is joined by William Butler Yeats and James Joyce to bring about a European Renaissance in music, poetry and social happening. The Baroque and Roll concert takes place at the Rapallo theatre and is full of poets, painters, musicians, sculptors, and magicians united in bringing about a new age of art and crafts.

The following day Pound, Yeats and Joyce make a daring journey by train to Berlin and the opening of the Olympic Games where they find themselves at the centre of an international drugs and weapon’s trade conspiracy between Germen, English, American and Russian officials. After a harrowing experience in the Nazi lair beneath the swimming pool our hero’s manage to break free and make their way to the T.V and Radio broadcast studios where they perform a breathtaking poem dedicated to all humanity, after a slight scuffle with the BBC, CBS, RTL and other broadcasters they escape with assistance from Marshall McLuhan, back to the relative safety of Rapallo.

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