"Hubbleforth slouch" Finnegans Wake and Hubble’s constant

Google are celbrating the 20th anniversary of the HUBBLE TELESCOPE today. By decorating the google home page with a cosmological landscape. I recently tuned into Hubble and Finnegans wake, and turned up the word Hubbleforth, that I wanted to share on this 20th anniversary. Furthermore, Hubble’s constant plays a part in experimental physics, and experimental […]


“One great part of every human existence is passed in a state which cannot be rendered sensible by the use of wideawake language, cutanddry grammar and goahead plot. –JAMES JOYCE, Referring to Finnegans Wake in a letter to Harriet Shaw Weaver (1926-11-24)” I have a playman’s or better yet ploughman’s interest in physics, science and […]

Twenty Twelve Line Verses v3.0 (Icosoheedrome)

Twenty Twelve Line Verses to ‘the tale of the tribe‘ (v3.0) by Fly Agaric 23 To be printed as TWENTY TRIANGLES to build an Icosohedron.Thanks to Mark Pesce for kicking this into ‘hyperspace‘ Gym Joyce Oilysseas Metempsyfic Portrait Prosody Epiphany Process Mudernism Quarkitect Iconoclaste Cosmologist Holographish Cubed Earwicker Waking Finnegan Stephen Deadalus Vicorecourse Bruwnitsche IbsenPound […]

Death of Yeats end of Irish literary revival, says Pound, Noh enthusiast

Sunday, March 28, 2010 Death of Yeats end of Irish literary revival, says Pound, Noh enthusiast By EZRA POUND Special to The Japan Times June 5, 1939 The death of William Butler Yeats [who died Jan. 28, 1939] closes the great era of the Irish literary revival. That death will doubtless have been duly recorded […]