Maybe Logic and the tale of the tribe: a no-place place.

The following ‘testimonial’ is edited from a post I made at the Maybe Logic Academy some months ago when I was inspired by ‘’ calling for members to make testimonials to their social network, I wanted to write a testimonial to the open learning network encircling the ‘Maybe Logic’ meme, and dashed something off that […]

The tale of the ‘high’ tribe

The tale of the tribe High Time and the Counter-cultural hall of fame. “A ganachakra (Sanskrit: gaṇacakra, or ‘gathering circle’; Tibetan: tshogs kyi ‘khor lo) is also known as tsog, ganapuja, chakrapuja or ganachakrapuja. It is a generic term for various tantric assemblies or feasts, in which practitioners meet to chant mantra, enact mudra, make […]

Alice In Amrita-Land Dodgson

Alice in Amanita Land? “Alice Pleasence Liddel or ALP, “Finnegan said simply, “is one aspect of Anna Livia Plurabelle or ALP, the superwomen who contains all women, in Joyce’s Finnegans Wake.” “Oh,” I said. It seemed the only adequate comment. “I have wondered, “de Selby went on, “if one can equate APL with ALP on […]