TTOTT WHEELS GO AROUNDAROTA TTOTT WHEELS GO AROUNDAROTA BALANCING THE EQUATIONS WITH TRIADS. I view a part of my task in setting up a table of ttott correspondences as providing examples of how the tables can be used to create various effects. Both as study guides into historical, biographical work and as imagination guides into […]

email to the tribe: a Maybe Logic Class by Fly Agaric 23

Fly Agaric 23 September 20 – November 5 email to the tribeHomogrammic Prose The tale of the tribe approximates a tale of humanity, or ‘tales’, a new global epic that must capture illuminating details from humanity and juxtapose them in a special way using special language (Hologrammic prose, the Hermetic style, Ideogrammic method, Joyce’s ‘epiphany’ […]

John Sinclair Radio Show #338

Please visit my blog: FATTENING BLOGS FOR SNAKES. Dedicated to the music, writing and social activism of John Sinclair, love, steve. John Sinclair Radio Show #338 Posted in: John Sinclair Radio Show The John Sinclair Foundation Presents CafĂ© The Zen Saturday, August 22, 2010 @ 2:00-3:00 am [20-1034]Amsterdam, NL.Our program this week emanates […]