c60 Buckminsterfullerene’s and 2012 Geodesic Revolutions

I have a hunch, a Grunch, about Buckminster Fuller’s innovations. Lets make a new TTOTT football, based on the Buckminster Fuller “Carbon 60” structure, and featuring a new Hologrammic Language… that’s what I think, or thought just earlier today after work. A Football, everybody plays with a football, no? Lets make a TTOTT football and […]

Two new rants: Where’s Frank and Who Killed Kelly?

RANT 1: “The existence of the secret mind control programme of the CIA and the Army only came to light after Nixon’s resignation in 1974, when a fresh wind of “openness” seemed to flow through the opened windows of the Washington governmental offices. American journalist John Marks requested, using the Freedom of Information Act, several […]


The essay Reading Synergetics: Some Tips offers useful help for anyone struggling to read Synergetics. [From Kirby Urner] Synergetics: A metaphoric language for communicating experiences using geometric concepts. Thinking is the tuning in/out of systems. Systems are spherical networks of interrelated points of interest. The density of points is a measure of a system’s “frequency” […]