Vico’s age of heroes and the age of men…

Great big thanks to BOBBY CAMPBELL for putting this one up. Cheers: Title: Vico’s age of heroes and the age of men in John Ford’s film ‘The Man Who Shot Liberty Valance.’ (Giambattista Vico) Author(s): Vittorio Hosle and Mark W. Roche Source: CLIO. 23.2 (Winter 1994): p131. From Literature Resource Center. Document Type: Article   […]

Seaflow and me against the LFAS navy

During my time living in America I frequented a number of meetings with the ‘marine mamal protection agency’ called seaflow based in Marine county, California. I enjoyed listening to the presentations, in particular the bioacoustician ‘Michael stocker’ who touched on some areas of biology and science first bought to my attention by Dr. John Lilly […]

Just Like “Finnegans Wake,” But With Charts – Senate Committee Issues Report on Financial Crisis “When i read the court proceedings in Joyce’s wake around page’s 572-576, i instantly thought about the court hearing that will come concerning the banking turmoil and crash affecting all humanity, especially the poor and displaced peoples, due to the international global financial system in place in 2009.–Steve fly.  James Joyce writes:  “This, lay […]