2012 Singularity Feedback and Video’s

HI everybody. I’ve been following the development of ‘the 2012 phenomena’ and also the more scientific concept of ‘The Singularity’ since I read ‘Cosmic Trigger’ by Robert Anton Wilson and then ‘The Invisible Landscape’ by Dennis and Terence Mckenna, sometime in the mid 1990’s. From these references you might deduct that I have a ‘psychedelic’ […]

How drugs helped invent the Internet

Jason Silva seems to me to be a smart motherfucker who’s touching on a large chunk of ‘the tale of the tribe’ and a large part of RAW’s interests: linguistics, life extension, computers and neural-networks, philosophy and most importantly, i think, Techno-Optimism, as we enter 2012.Fresh!–Steve fly. “The phrase that leaped to mind when I […]

Steve Fly’s Saturnalia

Steve Fly’s Saturnalia Posted in: Vintage Radio Vault The John Sinclair Foundation PresentsVINTAGE RADIO VAULTS 61 Steve Fly’s SaturnaliaFly Agaric Studio, Amsterdam, December 23, 2009 [VV-0061] The last few weeks I’ve witnessed John Sinclair programming spontaneous radio shows across the table from me. John made a number of shows that knocked me off my stool […]

Untitled 1.0 and Fly Agaric at WIKIPEDIA.

 “Wasson and his school have demonstrated how mushroom language tends to be euphemized, masked, coded, buried in etymologies and even “false” etymologies.–Peter Lamborn Wilson, Irish soma. AMANITA MUSCARIA AND THE THUNDERBOLT LEGEND IN GUATAMALA AND MEXICO. BY L.LOWRY. 1973.–http://www.samorini.it/doc1/alt_aut/lr/lowy4.pdf UNTITLED 1.0 “Lo saturnalia, Drink new flesh back with kwantum mechanix Fliegenschwamm gerr, Mukhomor flowing moments […]

McLuhan letter to Ezra Pound Dec.21st 1948

ON THE EZRA POUND/ MARSHALL MCLUHAN CORRESPONDENCEby EDWIN J. BARTON http://projects.chass.utoronto.ca/mcluhan-studies/v1_iss1/1_1art11.htm “The only problem with this mode of thinking and presentation, as McLuhan was to discover, lay in the resistance with which it was met, and continues to be met, by Western intellectuals. For, as McLuhan put it in a letter written in 1948, this […]