Ezra Pound’s daughter fights to wrest the renegade poet’s legacy from fascists

 “He made mistakes and we have to take the good part of him, just as he did with others.–Mary De Rachewiltz “De Rachewiltz has since fought a lifelong battle to separate Pound the poet from Pound the fascist and antisemite, which is why the emergence of CasaPound – now boasting 5,000 members – is so […]

A Response to some current events (Sopa, wikileaks, Joyce, Pipa)

A Response to some current events. A Joke for January 2012: “What are you in for, buddy?” said the Bad Bwoy “I got drunk and drove my car into a breast implant centre, killing two pedestrians and injuring six women because my wife planned to have em’ removed, i got 4 years.” Pipa replied… “what […]


“The scholar who works for a government intelligence agency ceases to be an independent spirit, a true scholar,” stated a Boston Globe editorial in the mid-1980s. My Ezra Pound ‘Google Alert’ just alerted me to an article from the Yaledailynews by Ava Kofman that outlines the history of the CIA’s relationships with Academia, and therefore […]

Grand Deft Mamalujo and Joycean computer games 2012

My google alert just alerted me to a New Yorker artcle by Mark O’Connell called ‘has James Joyce been set free?’ which overviews the recent changes and probable ramifications of the copyright expiring on some-but-not-all of his work. Towards the end of the article Mark writes something very interesting to me, today, whereby he describes […]