Fly Agaric in Ireland and Muscarine as asthma treatment

Everyone is charmed when we chance upon our first Fly Agaric, the iconic red and white seat of many a storybook fairy or elf. Just then the sky darkens, the mother and father of all downpours leaving no shelter. Waterproofs are useless, we can only head back to the hotel? Go to: Muscarinic receptors […]

Joyce’s Voices by Bogus Magus (from Only Maybe blog)

Friday, June 01, 2012 Joyce’s Voices For Bloomsday this year (16 June 2012) the BBC will be handing Radio 4 over to Ulysses. Throughout the day there will be readings of a special adaptation of the text, along with live broadcasts from Dublin (where fans re-enact moments from this complex book. Sadly, this may not […]