Fly Agaric: Look but don’t touch (Highland News)

I Love this article from Highland News! –fly Look but don’t touch “Alice in Wonderland” toadstool By Laurence Ford Keep a weather eye out for fly agaric. PEOPLE across the Highlands are being asked to look out for one of the most recognisable, highly toxic and mind-altering toadstools. The distinctive red and white fly agaric […]


  Facestuck by Steven James Pratt (3/08/12) 1. Oh my god, those faces all literally glued to the screen, right across the planet, literally super-glued to the glass plasma crystal screens, unable to move. Eyes look sideways in terror at the images playing in front of them. Gangs of pixels assemble together in self-organized configurations: […]

21/12/2012: The end of capitalism starting with Coca Cola

The recent news from Bolivia, concerning their decisions to kick out the coca cola company due to violence, corruption and unrestricted finance capitalism, makes me sit up and listen and engage once again with the 2012 phenomena. Here we have the kind of tipping point that could begin a new era of corporate responsibility and […]