Reflections on the end of the Mayan Long Count from Chitchen Itza

I had a hoot writing this mish-mash of thoughts and reflections on my trip to Mexico last week, and what it all means, i will probably go back and edit some sense into it. In the meantime, here’s my raw spillage on Synthesis 2012. Thanks Thanks in no particular order to Fantuzzi, Jaris, Kat, Chris […]

My Trip to Chitchen Itza and Tulum 21st December 2012 Great Ball Court, Chitchen Itza (South End) in Mexico Amsterdam-Madrid-Cancun-Chitchen Itza-Tulum-Cancun-Madrid-Amsterdam (19th-26th December 2012) Tuesday 18th December, 2012: AMSTERDAM Board plane-Amsterdam (11.00), exit planeTake off from Madrid, exit….‘The hunger Games’ in flight moviebabies crying all the way….into Cancun (6012 Kilometers from Madrid)Met with nova ‘red’ apple travelling to Cancun city,A Hotel room for 660 […]

4 days until December 21st 2012

 “Conspiracy theory, in my humble opinion, is a kind of epistemological cartoon about reality.—Terence Mckenna, Dreaming Awake at the End of Time. I must remember to remember the 21st of December. Who else will remind me? I must have my room in order and my personal space hoovered and clean, ready for any visitors who […]

Outline for a short film/animation/story?

Raising Mycelium Terence Mckenna awakens from a long sleep, an extraterrestrial mycelim strain enters his corpse and reanimates him. T starts a journey across california to sprinkle the magical mycelium onto the ashes and corpses of  Timothy Leary, Ken Kessey, Robert Anton Wilson and Bill Hicks. Together, the group travel across the USA to Washington […]

Fly Agaric 23 to play Synthesis2012 Festival, Chitchen Itza

 I’ll be heading out to play drums with Fantuzzi and others at Synthesis2012, and enjoy all the celebrations and activities in and around Chitchen Itza. I’ll be writing and recording my experiences, so expect some feedback before the new year. I look forward to seeing you out there. Love, steve fly Synthesis 2012 Festival- […]

What if John Adams came back to Amsterdam?

What if John Adams came back to Amsterdam? “Novelty of scene, the inexperience of the actorsagainst paying for things we haven’t ordered” J.Adams (Canto LXVIII) Over ocean wave and round bend of bayJohn Adams with his wooden stump,missing eye, parrot and hatarrived at Amsterdam Central Station. From the land of Mars roversGoogle and the CIAJohn […] (21st December Launch) will go live December 21st, 2012. I made a short introduction to RAW360 by way of describing ‘the tale of the tribe’ and how, in my humble opinion, presents a new medium by which to process the encyclopedic and the epic, in literature, poetry, and historicism. 360 PANORAWMA AND THE TALE OF THE […]