Hoggers of the harvest

Hoggers of the harvest by Steven James Pratt “and they have broken my house” Ez, Canto LXXVI House of supreme court andwhitechapel packed since 1776? 1970’s U.S. Gov. policy trending deregulation to bait businessless oversightless disclosure of                       information about banks and other     […]

Solar flares and freaky weather (Oaklahoma Tornado?)

It just struck me that maybe the recent solar flare activity might be partially responsible for the freak weather conditions, and tornados in particular. What are the connections, if any, between solar flares and weather on earth. Is there any evidence to suggest that in the future, rather than putting all the efforts into worrying […]

Politicians, Peptides, and Stupidity (and the tale of the tribe)

Politicians, Peptides, and Stupidity: An Evening with Robert Anton Wilson “Dr. Robert Anton Wilson was the author (along with Robert Shea) of the popular Illuminatus! trilogy, which won the Prometheus Hall of Fame award for science fiction in 1986. His other books have found great acclaim as well, many of them achieving “cult classic” status. […]

Art and money, how?

Art and Money? How is it, who issues itcreative and yet counterfeitfor nothing a second lookdouble takethe time spaceinversion with value?empty things in time spacefilled with space timewhat do you call itmoney or art?artney/moart? which technical abilitiesaesthetic reflectionsinformation content andoriginality in economicsthe painted eurofabricated poundsculptured dollarprojected bit coin from paper to data and back to […]