Once lost now found James Joyce to see daylight

James Joyce’s ‘last undiscovered’ collection to be published Ten ‘epiclets’ written after Ulysses in 1923, have been published together for the first time, causing a rift among scholars as to how they fit in to the Joyce canon “Penned by Joyce in 1923, and described by the author as “epiclets”, the pieces range from vignettes […]

Liffissippi River to Joyce’s Poundland

…and when the mode of themusic changes                           the walls of the                                    city shake      a perspective from relative place                  humbled individual to their partin universe and other single individuated mind                                      in timegathering tales and knick knacks               of history into a trick bag do you feel melody and riddim’ in verse       word sound image sandwichesattention to […]

The Believer interview with Alan Moore

(Believer Magazine) BLVR: Is magic’s most authentic expression through the creative imagination? (Alan Moore) AM: Actually, art and magic are pretty much synonymous. I would imagine that this all goes back to the phenomenon of representation, when, in our primordial past, some genius or other actually flirted upon the winning formula of “This means that.” […]