Biologists Name Newly Discovered Threadworm After Physicist Max Planck

My favourite news item of today concerns Max Plank and a thread worm. It already has the sound of a Lovecraftian science fiction drama to me. x steve fly Biologists Name Newly Discovered Threadworm After Physicist Max Planck “When Japanese biologist Natsumi Kanzaki and his German colleague Matthias Herrmann collected a stag beetle from an […]

SEMIOTIC MACHINES: by Louis Armand (Joyce, McLuhan, Shannon, Weiner, Von Neumann)

SEMIOTIC MACHINES: by Louis Armand, presents a number of passages that see James Joyce, McLuhan, Shannon, Weiner, Von Neumann, criss-crossing and pollinating the tale of the tribe with a Joycean, atomic, digital glossing. Also invoking Orson Welles through the reference to expanded cinema of Gene Yougblood, this essay exhibits the highest standards of critical writing […]

Joyce, Bruno, Baudrillard and the coincidence of contraries.

MUSEYROOMS AND MOEBIUS EFFECTS: A RUIM OF HISTORY IN FINNEGANS WAKE Andrew V. McFeaters Interestingly, Baudrillard’s collapse of poles operates on dynamics similar to those expressed in Giordano Bruno’s Cause, Principle and Unity, whose coincidence of contraries extends binary values, like macro and micro, to such an extreme that they become equal, like two antithetical […]

HCE and Jarl van Hoother on the Piss with the Porter.

While looking for a virtual textual gift for a friend of mine, who really loves Shakespeare, i came across this illuminating and superb essay:HCE and Jarl van Hoother on the Piss with the Porter. If you have the stamina and the time, and read a little of James Joyce’s book ‘Finnegans Wake’ i suspect you […]