Fungi-based plastic alternative wins Buckminster Fuller Challenge

“In addition to being one of 10 esteemed finalists in the Cradle to Cradle Product Innovation Challenge, Ecovative Design — AKA the New York-based startup behind a game-changing bio-material that’s “grown” from agricultural waste and mushroom mycelia and can be used for packaging, insulation, and more — has won the sixth annual Buckminster Fuller Challenge.   Last year, top […]

The Late Great Robert Anton Wilson Event Part 1 – John Higgs

One day before heading down to London on the bus from Dudley, to see the show at the Horse Hospital i had the following experience: yesterday, in Stourbridge i had an encounter with an Angel, or what Arthur Koestler calls…’the library angel’ category of coincidence, or in my case the charity shop Angel. Let me […]

The Late Great Robert Anton Wilson Event Part 1 – John Higgs

The Late Great Robert Anton Wilson Event Part 1 – John HiggsPublished on 3 Nov 2013 Watch Part 2:  And Part 2: Published on 6 Nov 2013 The Late Great Robert Anton Wilson Event Part 2 – Daisy Eris Campbell Acting: Oliver Senton with Kate Alderton, Nic Alderton, Josh Darcy, Mitch Davies, Nicholas Marcq. […]

Ezra Pound and Film adaptations of fragments from the Cantos

Hamilton celebrates Ezra Pound’s 128th Birthday By Max Newman ’16 October 31, 2013 Forum on Image and Language and Motion (F.I.L.M.) celebrated Hamilton alumnus and late poet Ezra Pound’s 128th birthday last Wednesday with a night full of history and experimental film adaptations. Associate Professor of English Steve Yao opened the discussion with a detailed […]

Robert Anton Wilson: further musings by steve fly

 Robert Anton Wilson: further musings by steve fly Robert Anton Wilson spent over 50 years producing original thoughts and ideas, criss-cossing academic boundaries like a flock og migrating birds. All-at-once an independent scholar, social critic, comedian, playwright, poet and novelist. RAW lived through WWII, the cold war, the 1960s counter culture explosion, the digital technological […]