Make it NEW Introduction “The artist is always beginning,” Ezra Pound once wrote. “Any work of art which is not a beginning, an invention, a discovery is of little worth. The very name Troubadour means a ‘finder,’ one who discovers.” Readers of Poems and Translations will be able to follow, for the first time in a single […]

Fenollosa Pound Olson and the Chinese written character

  “The first was Ernest Fenollosa’s provocative essay ‘The Chinese Wriiten Character as a Medium for Poetry.’ He found the Pound-edited text of the essay in the latter’s book Instigations and excitedly copied out its main arguments into his notebook that June. Fenollosa’s account of the exhaustion of poetic qualities in modern discourse resulting from […]

The Mohawk Club

Mohawk Artwork by CHU   The Mohawk Club downto gothamsterdamcity clouds curllike hair partingto reveal grey root beneath platinum breakingthrough airto reveal silver moonlightstreaking down solid rays bouncing off the puddlesstreet ambertiger lightningshattered glassoutside that stinky mooneclipsed by rollingmarshmallows snatching the eyeback cracked street light the car lamp &reefer torch burning the otherout out […]

CHU 3D Graffiti Cube 2010

CHU 3D GRAFFITI CUBE Uploaded on 25 Oct 2010:            OPENS 6pm, THURSDAY 28TH OCTOBER at CORDY HOUSE, CURTAIN ROAD, SHOREDITCH, EC2A 3BS. Then every Saturday & Sunday 2pm – 6pm until Sunday 14th Novemeber. This is a walk in one person experience. Shoes off, glasses on, step inside the 3rd dimension! (Glasses provided). Artwork by […]