Astral Projective Verse: Olson, Ophiel and Sun Ra

Astral Projective Verse By Steve Fly Agaric 23 For Eric Wagner and John Sinclair. Thanks for inspiring these wild speculations which are really notes that shall be reshuffled into a more coherent whole at some future point. “The essay introduces his ideas of “composition by field” through projective or open verse, which is a continuation […]

Ernest Fenollosa 2014 and TTOTT

“Ezra Pound was no starnger to Oriental art when he met Mary McNeil Fenollosa, the widow of the American Orientalist Ernest Fenollosa (1853-1908), in London in late September 1913.”–Zhaoming Qian, Orientalism and Modernism (1994)  pg. 9.  Fenollosa 2014 and TTOTT   by Steve Fly “Fenollosa [1853-1908], wrote an essay on“The Chinese WrittenCharacter as a Medium for […]