The RAW-OTO-Illuminati Rabbit Hole

Over the years (as RAW notes in Cosmic Trigger) some suggested that he was the Real Head of the Illuminati, which of course RAW would never actually confirm or deny—not because it was either true or false—but because it was more amusing to let people believe whatever they wanted to believe… and it probably didn’t hurt book sales […]

tale of the tribe and the sirius mystery

The tale of the tribe contact high. Fuck off, and welcome to another installment of my blog–a tale of the tribe–that aims to offer a resource of specific information related to the great complex and generally hidden project (unfinished) tale of the tribe, by the late Robert Anton Wilson. Since a recent positive explosion of […]

Marshall Mcluhan and Dr Timothy Leary

There is no other 1960s intellectual figure whom Timothy Leary came to admire more than Marshall McLuhan. He considered McLuhan’s famous statement – “The medium is the message” — the most important cultural insight of the ‘60s, a decade saturated with insightful and lasting one-liners, some of the most famous coming from Leary’s own brain. […]

Certain Noble Plays of Japan.

Title: Certain Noble Plays of Japan       From The Manuscripts Of Ernest Fenollosa Author: Ezra Pound Commentator: William Butler Yeats “All imaginative art keeps at a distance and this distance once chosen must be firmly held against a pushing world. Verse, ritual, music and dance in association with action require that gesture, costume, facial expression, stage […]

Starseed Transmissions intersection point: July 23

Starseed Transmission intersection point The following are some notes i made while revisiting the RAW high weirdness around the date July 23, 1973, and some of the influences and experiments he mixed together during those weeks.    EXHIBITS EXHIBIT: Crowley book 4.“It is impossible to lay down precise rules by which a man may attain […]