2014 highs

The Artist Taxi Driver relentless daily feedback on behalf of the silent majorities Heathcote Williams and UK historical poetry activism in fine fucking form Russel Brand trews andsocial activism in the faceof painscream James Corbett and theCorbett report consistent open source research Bruce Sterling lectures and on going socio-cyberneticprose Cory Doctorow every notePlus all great […]

…on music and poetry and poetry and music on…

…on music and poetry and poetry and music on… by Steve Fly “Omniverse / Is / The totality / Of / All the universes / And you / Are welcome / To / Be citizens / Of / The Omniverse–Sun Ra, Omniverse.   “Rhythm…is the first formal esthetic relation of any part to part in […]

Heathcote Williams and hard poetic critical trews

After watching the much hyped latest episode of Question Time i quickly fixed up proper with Heathcote Williams, my new fav. UK poet-rebel. Williams can say in a 3 minute poem what would take a question time guest a decade to communicate (perhaps the comedian could keep up?) further evidence to me that poets hold […]

Cosmic Trigger Play and The Tale of The Tribe

PART 1: TTOTT and PLAY “Fuck God In The Ass”–Ed Sanders “If you can’t say FUCK in public, then the terrorists have won.–D. Scott Apel. Towards the radical abolition of time as history, in favour of a more flexible playtime where 1994 and 1977 (for example) feedback to each other through the porthole of stagecraft. […]

New Shenanigums

  Spore Of The Words by Steven Pratt Link:¬†http://a.co/g5uev86   …formented homey slow mead down the pagemelt quilted quiver of quill shawl of wynwyrld bushfires blairing lies burgundy rivers rushing aside the grassy noel partly paisely swirl gull on wing swooping ease grey socks in the ironing boardroom Mr Broomfield guttering up the pithjackets and […]