Integrity Systems and…

Integrity Systems (a series of feedback loops and spontaneous notes compiled into a sort of wonky review/brainstorm fallout zone, enjoy. Steve) “Integrity of the individual is what we’re being judged for and if we are not passing that examination, we don’t really have the guts, we’ll blow ourselves up. It will be all over. I […]

Genepool Lifeguard Journal 1

‘How can anyone describe the whole until he has learned the total of the parts.’–Sufi teaching. …went swimming indeep emotional bias for my gene-poolmygene-pool-space countrystung by the rising ‘fuck the others crews’and the ‘i ain’t got time to entertainanimals and plants you mad’ lot, and thoughtDNA first! A chalked cue to beatyour gene-pool playersneuro-relativity rulesAGCT […]

Introducing Islam in Finnegans Wake

A Fragment from “Introducing Islam in Finnegans Wake” By Aida Yared While writing Finnegans Wake, Joyce jotted down abbreviated entries in some fifty notebooks1 that he took great care to preserve. The entries are mainly fragments of sentences from books or newspapers that Joyce was reading – or that were being read to him, scraps of conversations, and […]