Plunder or preservation? How Asian art came to U.S.

‘America’s involvement with China goes back to the late 18th century, when Yankee ships began to trade fur pelts and wheat (and later opium) for tea, silks and dishware. As early as 1845-1847, Boston presented the “Great Chinese Museum.” Harvard University trained and underwrote many early explorers of China’s cultural and archaeological heritage. The 19th […]

Robert Anton Wilson’s Pulp Illuminations by Erik Davis

Robert Anton Wilson’s Pulp Illuminations A talk at the Esoteric Book Conference, September 2014  By Erik Davis illuminatus Here is a talk I gave at last year’s wonderful Esoteric Book Conference about Illuminatus!, the occult, and the tension between high and low magic in the 1970s. I highly recommend the EBC: the perfect (for […]

Sili-dodecahedrane (Silly-Bucky-Fuller-Cone)

FRANKFURT. The discovery of the soccer ball-shaped C60 molecule in 1985 was a milestone for the development of nanotechnology. In parallel with the fast-blooming field of research into carbon fullerenes, researchers have spent a long time trying in vain to create structurally similar silicon cages. Goethe University chemists have now managed to synthesise a compound […]


       Mark Pesce edges into the future, while keeping humanitas and civility as a main focus point. The horrors of Genocide and perceived differences that lead to racism, fascism, gene-pool-chauvanism and the worst elements of our human species are explored and summed up by Mark. He gives hints at a possible solution-processes, and examples of […]