‘The Eternal Festival Of Memory’ for Mick Wood and Cookie

Fly: Selected Poetry 1997-2017 by Steven Pratt Link: http://a.co/gQLhF34 The Eternal Festival Of Memory The sun smiles over the Mary Evens park bursting through the luminous emerald tree tops catching soap bubbles with purple green tin-flashes no sunglasses or cell phones in sight all eyes are awake naked larger than the grey moon peeking on parkwind […]

Robert Anton Wilson & Steven ‘fly’ Pratt: A Serial Killer In The Whitehouse

  A teaser from my full audio interview with Dr Robert Anton Wilson, recorded at his humble home in Capitola/Live Oak/Santa Cruz, California (looking out over the Monterey Bay). This recording was rediscovered in a jumble-bunch of mini discs–if you can remember that flash-in-the-pan format–only last week. I made my first round of rough chapter […]