The Fuck You Sound present: Sodcast #01 The first T4QS podcast features a full hour of exclusive shit and bespoke jack-off material from the crazy fuckers. Rare nuggets from sonic maniacs Bogus Order, Rev D Wayne Love, DJ Aries, Lord Beefington, Senor Modulator, Caleb Selah, Steve Fly Agaric 23, Debra Zebra, Viagra Twins, Tim USA, Javier, Charles Shah Murray, John Sinclair, […]

Just one shoulder

…to be still silent and ready to bless with fury what you thought what you know what’s new? horror and terror  error and mirror smoke everywhere  identity dented day after day by searching for the elusive other the you in them the us in we the feeling of solidarity littered lives splintered sentences the struggle […]

Kevin ‘Memory’ Lane

Kevin “memory” Lane. “Hero’s get remembered, legends never die”–Evil Kenevil Ouch, sometimes people are snatched away truly before their time, and Kev was snatched away from us, all who knew him, and from those who did not have the pleasure of meeting him, or reading him, too soon. Way too fucking soon! Thankfully, he passed […]