Kurt Vonnegut on Paul Krassner and his poster – Fuck Socialism

by Kurt Vonnegut Paul Krassner, 63 at this writing (1996), old enough to be my baby brother,in 1963 created a miracle of compressed intelligence nearly as admirable forpotent simplicity, in my opinion, as Einstein¹s e=mc2.  With the Vietnam Wargoing on, and with its critics discounted and scorned by the government andthe mass media, Krassner put […]

A fake poem by an non entity called Acryllic Figa

A fake poem by an non entity called Acryllic Figa tsars like russian oligarchs like white supremacist cop tasers like bullydon boys in pork tie and blazars like a global air born disease Severe Global Airborn Rightwing Syndrome Fly: Selected Poetry by Steven Pratt Link: http://a.co/3of5XFj