Fly Kick Scratch – NinjaJamm vs. Turntables by Fly

Fly Kick Scratch Custom ‘Kick Out The Jamms’ Ninjajamm pack, plus one turntable. The first experiments with ninjajam running on an ipad, and Vestax PDT 2000. Recorded straight into audacity. Uploaded here naked. For more info about ninjajamm visit and here for video demos of the packs: –Steve Fly Steven James Pratt

Notes on seeing Slavoj Zizek in Amsterdam last night

After the courage of hopelessness: Notes on seeing Slavoj Zizek in Amsterdam last night I just got back from hearing Slovoj Zizek speak, passionately, in Amsterdam at the Westerkerk (Church) and feel happy to report that he kept up his reputation, as one of the most important public intellectuals of our time, etc…witty, challenging and comprehensive…etc. […]

Zizek Lacan Joyce Wilson

Wilson, Joyce, Lacan, Zizek. By Steve Fly “The term “sinthome” (French: [sɛ̃tom]) was introduced by Jacques Lacan in his seminar Le sinthome (1975–76). According to Lacan, sinthome is the Latin way (1495 Rabelais, IV,63) of spelling the Greek origin of the French word symptôme, meaning symptom. The seminar is a continuing elaboration of his topology, […]

All thinking people oppose terrorism

one year after Brussels was bombedLondon was struck by a thoughtless cowardone man with a knifeand a car and a familiar agendato cause a spree of terror in the minds of the peopleacross the mediasphere throughtargeting random peoplein whatever fundamentalist reality tunnelthis fucker inhabited all thinking people oppose terrorismthe chaos of the indiscriminateattacks so devilish […]

A tough question and a poem

To celebrate 100’000 blog views, a blog tough question, and a poem I started writing this as a response to the question below, taken from an article that whizzed by on social media. Since starting i watched some Slavoj Zizek on youtube, and marveled at his diligent dance around philosophical questions, and then recalled his […]

Cosmic Trigger NinjaJamm – Demo’s

These 3 Cosmic Trigger themed, Ninjajamm packs are an example of what NinjaJamm can do, or what you can do with NinjaJamm. After carefully cutting up the samples, anybody with enough time on their hands, and will, can use the NinjaJamm framework to produce a unique tune pack. You can download the app free for […]


Robert Anton Wilson and the DJVJ Revolution. “enter the mix”–Ninjajamm. Friday, March 19, 2010. (edited 01/03/2017) I dedicate this writing to Ken Campbell and the Science Fiction Theater of Liverpool, and to creative artists who use music, theater, and multimedia to inspire others and spread the wisdom across all corners of the metaphorical toast. Approx. […]