Some Limericks and War Business

There was a dumb dotard called Trump
who looked like a BBC flump
his future seems stormy
and wig rather tawny
and mouth like an old camels rump.
The was an old lady Theresa
who lied and stole and she fleeced ya’
she lived on young blood
and come to no good
I hope that the jail don’t release her.
There was an M.P called Margot
who’s name I already forgot
for the ill’s that she sewed
and sold up the road
Carillions of buckets of snot.
There was a man called Mogg
who looked like a ghost in a fog
his manner was posh
like a douche’ with some dosh
his humour all washed down the bog.
There once was a yank called Hannity
who drove half the world to insanity
with his vitrolic bile
that stunk for a mile
his speech always stank of his vanity.
There once was a lying arms dealer
who’s name was the Bullingdon squealer
he and his mates
put weapons on plates
and a pig on the end of his weener.
There once was a man called Putin
known for his robbing and lootin’
his mate Donald Trump
once rode Putin’s hump
form Moscow to Texas while shooting.
There once was a codger called sessions
who’s ears stuck out as expressions
in fear that a god
could hear the poor sod
wanking to porn at confessions.
The was an old crony called Pence
who pound for pound was so dense
he failed to deposit
the cash in his closet
such a pricey and stupid expense.



War Business?
get a good education from your nation want to win all, and leave competition to annihilation? Business as war and war as business, into battle, into rivalry with your laws of mischief. For the win, the last man or women standing to have beat all the others, even sisters and brothers, to watch them squirm in a looser booze life, to show them who’s the boss. To have no thought for the loss. The majority are beat down. Beat down, and yet still breathing some how. So singing and dancing, working and working and dying of dichotomy. Dying a looser in a war competition. But with everything at stake, life itself business war-machine stealing food off the shelf,
how lucky and fortunate the 1st world countries are, with lawyers and bankers and sales and PR Sell a bomb, sell a man, sell a story, fuck it, limerick bro. Fair?


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