“We’re going wireless.” The TTM is the first example of nonfiction from fiction, spun throughout these turntale bull chapters. Making real-world objects (whatever the real world is in 2019?) such as books and vinyl records, taken from within this very wonky turvy fictional-verse under your eyelids: Deep Scratch History World. Plush shuffled up close to […]

Deep Scratch – Chapters One & Two

Hi, This week I released the first two chapters of my experimental novel #DeepScratch You can read them both here at my blog. If you enjoy them, consider supporting me at Expect fireworks, audio, video and weird things. This project has been under construction for over a decade, we’re just getting started. Much love, […]

“Borrisalooner” – James Joyce, Finnegans Wake, Chapter 23. (Page 337)

The future prophesy reported to surround the highly weird book, Finnegans Wake (1939) can be evidenced here: Chapter 23, page 337. Sounds a lot like Boris Johnson to me, and my sentiment asking for buds, and order. John Bercow anyone. I am incorrigible too. Boris the LOONER, and Boris Johnson the loner. Spot on jim. […]

For Paul Krassner Zen Bastard 1932-2019

On hearing the sad news I have rushed this post. More memories will follow. I hope this goes some way to paying my respects. Much love, and my condolences to his closest family and friends. Paul Krassner (11th April 1932–July 21st, 2019) passed the final acid test yesterday. After 87 years inside of his flesh […]