A bit about Steve Pratt and Fly Agaric 23

From an interview with Tom Jackson

1.Steve, could you tell my readers just a little bit about  yourself?

Greetings dear readers, i am 99% sure my name is Steven Pratt and that i was born in Wordsley, England in the year 1976. I currently reside in Amsterdam and spend most my time these days reading, drumming, spinning records, blogging and petting cats.

2. How did you become interested in Robert Anton Wilson?

Due to my early sporting career as a swimmer i missed out on many intellectual pursuits, discovering the wonders of literature, philosophy and science after my official education, thanks to RAW for the most part. I first encountered RAW through his book Cosmic Trigger II that i traced back through 3 people, starting with my girlfriend at that time, to a guy in Wolverhampton called Jonah who got turned onto RAW in the 80’s, possibly via Bill Drummond and The KLF. After 5 years of reading RAW throughout the late 1990’s i viewed him as THE SINGLE MOST IMPORTANT WRITER AND THINKER SINCE SOCRATES.

3. I have just one Web site devoted to RAW, but you have more than I can keep up with. Could you list them for me, please? Is there a “portal” site that links to them all?

Thanks TOM, from the guy who keeps up the most consistant and comprehensive RAW related blog in cyberspace. I do not yet have a single hub for my RAW related output, but you can get an RSS feed at my wikispaces account, linked below. RAW influences every blog i keep, but the explicitly RAW sites I prune are as follows:

tsogblogsphere: http://tsogblogsphere.blogspot.com/
A tale of the tribe: http://ataleofatribe.blogspot.com/
Ettt (email to the tribe): http://ettt.wikispaces.com/
Only Maybe: http://maybelogic.blogspot.com/
Wikispaces.flyagaric:  http://flyagaric.wikispaces.com/
Soundcloud: http://soundcloud.com/rawmemorial
Fuckbook:  http://www.facebook.com/groups/21887797208
Myspace (ghost town):  http://www.myspace.com/rawmemorial

Q. I was struck by the fact that in the tribute program for RAW you did earlier this year with John Sinclair, you used music that RAW enjoyed. Did you ever talk to RAW about jazz, or about music?

A. Yes, during the interviews RAW kindly granted me I asked him about the music he liked, and I talked a little about my own musical projects. He surprised me with a quote that he was unable to source on the spot, but which i recently read in the introduction to FUG YOU by Ed Sanders. (which i highly recommend, especially due to the high quality surrealist poetry) (FULL QUOTE COMING WHEN I GET TO THE BOOK).

Eric Wagner has correlated extensive research into RAWs affection for the music of Beethoven and Bach in particular that will be explored on his up coming class at the Maybelogic Academy. RAW certainly liked orchestral music and Jazz. I would estimate jazz of the ‘cool’ period. RAW seemed to me to simply enjoy relaxing music. Yet, further more i feel that Jazz as a music form, and free jazz and the avant garde forms have an affinity with RAW’s hologramic prose on some level.

maybe i can take this opportunity to tantalize RAW heads to a new RAW website/museum which has been in progress for over 12 months alongside aerosol graffiti legend and digital design master CHU: http://www.schudio.co.uk/blog/

Although the new RAW panorama site is accesible through conventional web brousers, lap tops and home computers, it takes advantage of the newer IOS systems and incorporates giroscopic intelligence and augmented reality features. Combined with the large array of multimedia content and support from the RAW estate, Matt Black of Ninjatune and deepleaf productions, it presents a state of the art project, dedicated to the life works and panoramic perceptions of RAW. I look forward to sharing more news about the launch of this new site very soon.



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