Art Intervention #1 “War Pigs” A greased pig in a thong. Yes, you heard me. I propose a nice fat pig, fitted with a stylish but small, almost a micro….thong. Together with the words ‘WAR PIGS’ stencilled onto each side of the little bristly critter. Next, I propose we get a small van and the […]

Acrillic/Agaric/DJ Fly? Who’s the mother-blogger here?

What is Acrillic all about? What is this mother-blogger oll about? Acrillic is a contraction of Acrillic Figa which is almost an anagram of Fly Agaric (adding an extra letter “I” and a letter “C”). Fly Agaric is one of the names given to the world famous red and white spotted mushroom (Amanita Muscaria) and […]