Robert Anton Wilson and the DJVJ Revolution. “enter the mix”–Ninjajamm. Sounds Fly: Music Writing by Steven James Pratt et al. Link: http://a.co/9OHmjhJ Friday, March 19, 2010. (edited 01/03/2017)   Steven James Pratt

Pull the Cosmic Trigger. Pull It. Pull It.

Matt Black – Cosmic Trigger crowdcapering appeal by Complexity Productions Jim Broadbent – Cosmic Trigger crowdcapering appeal by Complexity Productions Douglas Rushkoff – Cosmic Trigger crowdcapering appeal by Complexity Productions The Cosmic Trigger Play – A taste of Alan Moore by Complexity Productions Cosmic Trigger Play Indigogo Crowdfund https://www.indiegogo.com/project/cosmic-trigger-play/embedded Steven James Pratt

Multi Model Agnostic Geometry: MMAG by Steve Fly Agaric 23

His philosophy was one of multiple model agnosticism – not just simply about the existence of God but agnosticism about everything. With MMA, there is no point getting hung up on the models themselves because that’s all they are – models.—John Higgs, KLF. pg. 258.   Multi Model Agnostic Geometry. by Steven James Pratt Flyting: […]

Cosmic Trigger Stage Play. Links, News, Details

Hi, The Cosmic Trigger Stage Play is best described at the website, please visit and get involved. I did, and i am. Hope to see you. From the website: The Discordians Are Coming In 1976 Ken Campbell staged Illuminatus in Liverpool. This production and the novel that it was based on irrevocably changed the lives […]

The Believer interview with Alan Moore

(Believer Magazine) BLVR: Is magic’s most authentic expression through the creative imagination? (Alan Moore) AM: Actually, art and magic are pretty much synonymous. I would imagine that this all goes back to the phenomenon of representation, when, in our primordial past, some genius or other actually flirted upon the winning formula of “This means that.” […]