Art and money, how?

Art and Money? How is it, who issues itcreative and yet counterfeitfor nothing a second lookdouble takethe time spaceinversion with value?empty things in time spacefilled with space timewhat do you call itmoney or art?artney/moart? which technical abilitiesaesthetic reflectionsinformation content andoriginality in economicsthe painted eurofabricated poundsculptured dollarprojected bit coin from paper to data and back to […]

CI for COPENHAGEN INTERPRETATION 2009: What Poetry? Shannanigums Wave Book III Chapter XII by flyagaric23 “Us clams must stick apart” –Feudal Baron Periwinkle III. Aphrodite rose from sea foam in film. Merry Mermaid and love goddess surfinn her scallop chariot through twisted arms of godsoilmen and sludge. She has risen to meet the supermajors to balance scales and dance to the […]

PKD is for Philip. K. Dick: The Crazy Wisdom of Phillip K. Dick

The Crazy Wisdom of Phillip K. Dick @ Maybelogic Academy How was the Crazy Wisdom Of Philip K. Dick MLA class? By Fly I had a joyful few weeks reading Philip K. Dick and also reading and writing with other people about Philip K. Dick, his books and inspired movies. You can get much of […]