Heathcote Williams and hard poetic critical trews

After watching the much hyped latest episode of Question Time i quickly fixed up proper with Heathcote Williams, my new fav. UK poet-rebel. Williams can say in a 3 minute poem what would take a question time guest a decade to communicate (perhaps the comedian could keep up?) further evidence to me that poets hold […]

Hoggers of the harvest

Hoggers of the harvest by Steven James Pratt “and they have broken my house” Ez, Canto LXXVI House of supreme court andwhitechapel packed since 1776? 1970’s U.S. Gov. policy trending deregulation to bait businessless oversightless disclosure of                       information about banks and other     […]


For the OCCUPY movement, the people and the spirits.–Steven James Pratt (Fly Acrillic 23) Occupy Your Mind The skies The stars Occupy hearts parks forests and stores Occupy The Streets Tweets And Occupied Toilets Occupy Beats and sing to highlight deceit to foil it Occupy War Street Your Walk Banksterdam, Occupy the Vatican of worms […]

Race Riots and Revolution in the UK

Hi, The riots in the UK earlier this month (aug. 6-10, 2011) have provoked a number of textual reactions and experiments from me that I present here in a mish-mash-up style. Typically I have the beginnings of lots of different ideas, poems, screenplays, on-going research and rants. I might need some help editing some of […]