Make it new: Panorawma and the tale of the tribe

MAKE IT NEW (Originally Panorawma & The tale of the tribe (July 2011) Over the last ten years together with a sleepless band of independent researchers, the author has been tuned into “The Tale Of The Tribe” (TTOTT), developed exclusively by Dr. Robert Anton Wilson (1932-2007) At RAW360 we embark on a whole new way […]

Please listen and share my album together with John Sinclair: Mohawk. John Sinclair – “Mohawk” cd Released Monday 24th March 2014 by Iron Man Records Big Chief: Getting High With John Sinclair And The Fly by Steven James Pratt et al. Link:

The Mohawk Club

Mohawk Artwork by CHU The Mohawk Club down to gothamsterdam city clouds curl like hair parting to reveal grey root beneath platinum breaking through air to reveal silver moonlight streaking down solid rays bouncing off the puddles street amber tiger lightning shattered glass outside that stinky moon eclipsed by rolling marshmallows snatching the eye […]

‘Mirror in De Buurvrouw’ by CHU

My good friend CHU came to Amsterdam and decorated the wall of a local bar very close to Dam square in the center, called De Buurvrouw. The decorations work on many levels and from many different perspectives, not least the name ‘Mirror in De Buurvrouw’ being a riff on the lyric and title of the […]