Robert Anton Wilson & Steven ‘fly’ Pratt: A Serial Killer In The Whitehouse

  A teaser from my full audio interview with Dr Robert Anton Wilson, recorded at his humble home in Capitola/Live Oak/Santa Cruz, California (looking out over the Monterey Bay). This recording was rediscovered in a jumble-bunch of mini discs–if you can remember that flash-in-the-pan format–only last week. I made my first round of rough chapter […]

The Medium is the Massage–Marshall McLuhan (FULL FILM)

A member and nodal point within the tale of the tribe, Marshall McLuhan made a great impact on the thinking and writing of Robert Anton Wilson. McLuhan, like Wilson performed by example the role of an ‘intellectual celebrity’ (sadly missing in 2015 pop culture?) as Richard Metzger put it, at Dangerous Minds. McLuhan speaks VOLUMES […]

Robert Anton Wilson’s Pulp Illuminations by Erik Davis

Robert Anton Wilson’s Pulp Illuminations A talk at the Esoteric Book Conference, September 2014  By Erik Davis illuminatus Here is a talk I gave at last year’s wonderful Esoteric Book Conference about Illuminatus!, the occult, and the tension between high and low magic in the 1970s. I highly recommend the EBC: the perfect (for […]

Cosmic Trigger Play and The Tale of The Tribe

PART 1: TTOTT and PLAY “Fuck God In The Ass”–Ed Sanders “If you can’t say FUCK in public, then the terrorists have won.–D. Scott Apel. Towards the radical abolition of time as history, in favour of a more flexible playtime where 1994 and 1977 (for example) feedback to each other through the porthole of stagecraft. […]

The RAW-OTO-Illuminati Rabbit Hole

Over the years (as RAW notes in Cosmic Trigger) some suggested that he was the Real Head of the Illuminati, which of course RAW would never actually confirm or deny—not because it was either true or false—but because it was more amusing to let people believe whatever they wanted to believe… and it probably didn’t hurt book sales […]

Starseed Transmissions intersection point: July 23

Starseed Transmission intersection point The following are some notes i made while revisiting the RAW high weirdness around the date July 23, 1973, and some of the influences and experiments he mixed together during those weeks.    EXHIBITS EXHIBIT: Crowley book 4.“It is impossible to lay down precise rules by which a man may attain […]