Michael André Bernstein In lieu of an abstract, here is a brief excerpt of the content: INTRODUCTION THE TALE OF THE TRIBE “I hold that a long poem does not exist. I maintain that the phrase ‘a long poem’ is simply a contradiction in terms. . . . If at any time, any very long […]

McLuhan and Holeopathic Quadrophrenia | The Mouse-That-Roared Syndrome by Bob Dobbs

McLuhan and Holeopathic Quadrophrenia | The Mouse-That-Roared Syndrome ListenBob Dobbs at “Legacy of McLuhan Symposium,” Lincoln Center, Manhattan, sponsored by Fordham University, 28 March 1998by Bob Dobbs(published in The Legacy of McLuhan) Phase 1“…much of III.3 (Book Three, Chapter Three-ed.) is telephone conversation… As III.3 opens with a person named Yawn and III.4 displays the ingress […]

On McLuhan’s Mental Mosaic – Hologrammic Prose

“But McLuhan created a more fundamental means to a more organic understanding in the very aphoristic style in which he chose to convey his ideas one consciously embodying the concept that the medium is the message. Its means is not to follow a continuous, linear, and unbroken line of thought, but to create a tessellated […]

Fenollosa – Pound – Yeats: (Certain Noble Plays of Japan)

From The Manuscripts Of Ernest Fenollosa, Chosen And Finished By Ezra Pound With An Introduction By William Butler Yeats Fenollosa, Pound and Yeats are all members of Robert Anton Wilsons ‘all star cast’ for The Tale Of The Tribe. Here we have one document which features 1/4 of the stars. Well worth the read i […]

Pound to Joyce: ‘Wall, Mr Joice, I recon you’re a damn fine writer, that’s what I recon’

ON THIS DAY…19 DECEMBER December 19, 2013 ON 19 DECEMBER 1917 POUND WROTE TO JOYCE PRAISING ‘TELEMACHUS.’ Pound, who had already been responsible for getting A Portrait of the Artist as a Young Man into print, was impressed by the first episode of Joyce’s new novel, Ulysses. For the next three years, Pound was editor, critic, and even […]

The Pound Question: “Light lights in air”: Value, price, profit and Louis Zukofsky’s poetry By Andras Gyorgy

On the Pound question, Quoted from the article “Light lights in air”: Value, price,  profit and Louis Zukofsky’s  poetry by Andras Gyorgy:  (wiki links edited by steve fly) The “Pound Question” is a complex one. At this stage we may conclude at the very least that his well-known fascist sympathy in the war and broadcasts […]